Change The World

Let’s start by first smelling yourself. If there is someone sitting beside you I strongly advise that you smell him/her also. No, I’m serious…

I will now make a bold statement. A person’s smell differs at age. If it’s a baby it would probably smell like milk. Smells nice. If it’s a toddler it would probably smell like powder. Also smells nice. If it’s a teen it would probably smell like cologne. Again, smells nice. If it’s a middle-aged person it would probably smell like an intoxicating perfume. May be hard on the nose but smells nice nonetheless. If it’s an old person it would most likely smell like ointment. Minty, but still smells nice.

It’s funny and impressive how we can describe a person with the things our organs sense. Now look at yourself, speak and try listening to yourself, feel yourself. You would most likely see, hear, feel well.. yourself. You. Whoever you are.

I’ve got a challenge for you. I’m assuming you’ve already known and perhaps met God. My challenge then is to showcase Him. Where am I getting at, ask me where?

Brothers and sisters the people around us respond to us and to their surrounding depending on what they sense in us. I believe that is one of the standards in the universe God created. I’ll give you an example. First example, be arrogant. People around you would most likely respond in a negative manner. And this negative response would most likely be passed to another person, animal, thing, or whatever is around them. Another example, be friendly (but sensitive to personal space). The people around you would most likely respond in a positive manner and again, this positive manner would most likely be passed to another. I’m not saying it happens all the time but it happens most of the time. Like I said, that’s a standard in this universe. My point? Well imagine you showcase God by letting people see God thru you, hear God thru you, or feel God thru you. How do you think they would respond? Some might say they would probably respond violently but then again, my challenge is to let people feel God thru you-meaning, love them. Care for them. Understand them. Not lecture them. So, how do you think they would respond again? I strongly believe they would respond with peace. And their response to others? Compassion.

Brothers and sisters, changing this world is hard. Letting God be acknowledge by everyone is even harder. But having a world with loving, compassionate, caring people… possible. And by the time we achieve that kind of world, it will be easier to let God be known. Why? Because everyone would then be speaking God’s language – love.

Let me end by challenging you again. Showcase God. Let people around you see, hear, and feel God thru you. Everything starts in you.


Let us change this world together!

I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon

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Grow Together

I have two friends named Karl and Nique. They will most of the time be seen in a coffee shop together, doing their own stuffs-Karl studying, Nique doing work. I admire how they motivate each other to being better.

Brothers and sisters, God wants us to grow. But he also knows how striving for growth can be difficult. That’s why He made growing together with someone fun and fulfilling.

I was greatly influenced by George Gabriel’s book Love Life. In one part of the book, he shared how encouragement from others push us to do things we never thought we could.  He emphasized that when we have someone cheering on us, believing and praying with us, we can get through our own race (journey of growth/learning) easier.

Allow me to share my strategy for growth. I seek friends who share the same interest in whatever I plan to learn or be better at-I call them buddies. So far I have a running buddy, writing buddy, wall-climbing buddy, mountain buddies, gym buddy, music buddies, reading buddy, and skating buddy. And I’m currently looking for a cooking buddy.
Having these people around me motivates me to grow and be better. These people encourages me to stand up, not be lazy, and do something. They push me to be productive. These people made growing easier, interesting, and fun. They are God’s instruments of growth.

Brothers and sisters, God’s instruments of growth are scattered around us. And I believe He wants us to seek these instruments who would share the same interest-and grow with them.

Who said growing can’t be fun? Let’s start meeting new  (and the old) friends and ask them to grow with us. Let us encourage people to grow and be encouraged by them as well.


Let us have fun growing together!

I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon

The Man And The Boulder

There was a man living in a small hut. Outside his hut is a huge boulder about the size of his small hut. One day, the Lord spoke to the man. The Lord said, “My son, I have something I want you to do and I want your complete obedience”, “of course my Lord, tell me what you want to be done” the man replied. The Lord then ordered the man “see that huge boulder outside your hut? I want you to push it everyday. Push it with all your strength”

And so, the man immediately started pushing the boulder with all his strength, and he continued pushing the same boulder everyday. Months had past and the man would still push the boulder outside his hut, though after some time of pushing, will sigh and go home disappointed. A few more months later the man finally got fed up and asked the Lord, “My Lord, why are you ordering me to do something impossible? For many months, daily, I’ve been pushing this same boulder with all my strength but up to now I still can’t move it even an inch. You want me to do something I’m not capable of”, the Lord then replied gently, “My son. I didn’t tell you to move the boulder. I only told you to push the boulder everyday. And because you have been obedient look at your body, you’ve become strong. Your body got molded into a great shape.”

——   ——    ——

Obedience to God is one of the hardest thing we human beings encounter. The irony of it is that obedience should not actually be hard. St Ignatius said “It is not hard to obey when we love the one whom we obey”, so if we really love God then it shouldn’t be hard to obey.

But why then is it hard?

I learned from my experience that the reason it’s hard to obey God is because we tend to translate what God tells us to do. We put God’s terms aside and put our worldly terms in it. We tend to change God’s simple instructions to what we think it is-difficult and sometimes impossible. Just like the man in the story.

Brothers and sisters, our puny minds can never comprehend God’s wisdom. It is our calling then to obey what God tells us to do, the way God instructed us to-simple and easy.

Let us learn to fully trust God’s judgement.
Let us be obedient in following His simple instructions.
Let us learn how to truly obey!

I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon

Grow, Be Better!

I have this brother who every night, before going to bed, would listen to a recorded talk for a week. Let me emphasize. He would listen to the same recorded talk every night for a whole week. After a week, he would start listening to a new recorded talk-again, every night for a whole week. He once told me how he wants every tiny detail of the talk to be engraved in his mind so that he can be better. I admire how very passionate this brother of mine regarding what he wants to happen in his career.

Brothers and sisters,  We are called by God to be better. We are created to continue growing-spiritually, mentally, financially, emotionally. We are to improve ourselves so as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God (Colossians 1:10).


I always feel bad every time I spend a day being unproductive. I wouldn’t get a good sleep realizing I spent my day checking social networking sites all day instead of reading a good book, or watching movies all day instead of going out and learning (or improving) something new. On the other end, it gives me great joy and fulfillment every time I manage to spend a day being productive.


Brothers and sisters, I believe God created as with a ‘fulfillment switch‘. And this switches on whenever we grow – releasing a positive energy which fills our bodies giving this wonderful sense of achievement. He intended this because He wants us to grow. He wants us to learn new things. He wants us to improve. He wants us to better serve Him and His people as days pass by.

This 2014 may we strive to pursue growth. May we be inspired and decide to be better than ourselves last 2013.

Let us better serve God and His people.
Let us feel the joy and fulfillment of growth.
Let us have productive days starting now!

I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon

Be Awesome!

I remember praying in a crowded church when a rich and successful looking man caught my attention.


The church I was in is known because of its Thursday novenas which grant wishes. I don’t really have a say whether it’s over spiritualism or what. Anyway, because of the church’s background, many people do go and pray the Thursday novena for their personal wishes. It was a Thursday when I visited and prayed on that church. The place was full of people seeking for their wish to be granted – mostly student about to take the board exam and average looking people. That’s when I saw this rich and successful looking man. He’s wearing a nice fit corporate attire. He’s not trying to brag his status because seeing him, you’d know that he’s actually trying to be simple and not flashy – it just so happen that he really shine in the crowd. This guy then started praying in silence while smiling. It’s obvious how he is grateful for all the blessings he received.

I find these kind of people awesome. They make me really really happy. You see, most of us tends to forget God after our prayer gets answered. We forget to be grateful for our answered prayer and simply continue with our life as if we didn’t receive anything from God. Few remembers to give praise and thanks for the blessing they received – again, they are awesome.

Brothers and sisters, let’s be awesome. By awesome I mean to always remember to give praise and thanks for the blessings we receive; may that be an answered prayer or an unasked blessing. We are abundantly showered by God’s blessings and grace. Let us learn to be sensitive to these abundance. Let us try to see them, and praise God for them.



I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon

Look Good

Its been a while since I last wrote here. Because of that, I will be posting a photo I’m so embarrassed to show. Yup, my old picture.

15966_1263149971863_8206516_nThis was me before. I didn’t eat well. I used to have a very untidy haircut. My choice of clothes were undeniably non-fashionable. I wore black nail polish. My neutral face was sad and unwelcoming. I look dirty.


This is me now. I now go on a healthy diet. I groom my hair as tidy as possible. I now prefer collared clothes. I go to gym to stay fit. I try my best to always smile (look wacky for most of the time). And I’m conscious of how I look. I want to look clean/tidy and feel strong.

Brothers and sisters, if there is something I learned from how I was before and now, it is that we should strive to look good and be strong for God.

Allow me to share how my changes helped me big time in serving the Lord:

Before, I didn’t bother dressing properly because I thought I was dressing simple. I didn’t also comb nor have my hair cut. I realized that my words or advice doesn’t appeal much to any audience because I was unappealing. Now, I manage to get the attention of teens; even older people listens and values what I say. I managed to get their respect because I dress respectful. I also got plenty of invites to preach which gave me the privilege to serve and be used by God more. It all started when I decided to strive looking attractive.

Before, I don’t have a balanced diet. I either eat a lot or eat nothing at all. I also don’t do any healthy activities. Because of that I was either so thin or so fat. Being a thin/fat person with no exercise, I tend to get tired quickly. I miss plenty of exciting opportunities to serve God. Now, I can go to different mountains, travel places, walk miles, stay up late. All just to better serve God. It all started when I decided to eat healthy and stay fit.

Before, my neutral face was unwelcoming. I was always grumpy (I was actually simply really really shy). I was not really approachable. How could I have shown God’s light when I look scary right? Now, I try to always smile and be wacky so that I would radiate a light, fun, and welcoming aura. I became very approachable that most of the time, people would be the one to approach me for consultation, advice, prayer requests, etc. I now have the privilege to be serving God without me going anywhere. It all started when I decided to smile and be fun.

Before, I was contented with my acting skills. I didn’t bother learning new skills. How rare have I used my acting skills to bless people. Now, I’ve learned and continue to learn different useful skills to better serve God. I learned how to play different musical instruments, I learned cooking, sewing, dancing, writing, etc. Ask me to do anything and I will do it. I became flexible that I can serve God in any simple means possible. It all started when I decided to learn and improve.

Even after all of these, I know that I still have lots of area in me to improve. I’m still at the process of being the best I can be. I want to be healthier, more attractive, more fit, more fun, more approachable. And I encourage you to do the same.

As instruments of God we should strive to look and be as best as possible. This means that we shouldn’t be contented with our spiritual, mental, and emotional growth. We should also work on our physical growth because our beyond perfect Lord deserves an instrument close to perfection.

Be an instrument close to perfection for our beyond perfect God.
Strive growth physically too.
Be fit, dress attractively, look good!

I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon

A Boy’s ‘Bike Prayer’

There was a boy who badly wanted a bike..


The boy then asked his parents to buy him but since their family is poor, they cannot afford to buy him a bike. The parents then told the boy to pray and ask God for his request. The next day, the boy went to the chapel to pray. “Jesus, I wish you buy me a bike” the boy prayed. The next day, the boy woke up and excitedly ran to their garage only to see that there was no bike. The boy again went to the chapel to pray. “Jesus, you might have not heard me yesterday so again I wish you buy me a bike” the boy prayed. The next day, the boy woke up and checked to see if the bike was already in their garage. Again, no bike. So the boy irritably went to the chapel. “Jesus, I’m warning you. Buy me a bike” the boy demanded. The next day, the boy woke up and checked the garage only to see that there was still no bike. Out of anger, the boy went to the chapel, left a note under the crucifix, and took the statue of Mother Mary. The note states “Jesus, I have your mother and I wont return her until you buy me a bike”.

What do we do when our prayers get unanswered? Most of us can’t accept it when our prayers get unanswered. We tend to get angry with God. If not, we tend to lose trust to His plans for us.

I believe God only has three answers for our prayers.

1) Yes, I will grant your prayer
2) Wait, I will grant your prayer on the right time
3) No, I have something better in store for you

The problem is, we lack faith to see or understand answers 2 and 3. We always want answer 1 because we think that is the only answer benefiting us when in reality, whatever answer God will give will be good for us (answer 3 actually is better than what we ask).

Brothers and sisters let me share something I read from somewhere (I forgot where)

Whether our prayer goes answered or unanswered, remember: If we knew what the Lord knew, we wouldn’t change a thing

God’s answer to our prayers will always be the best for us – may that be ‘yes’, ‘wait’, or ‘no’.
Trust God’s plans for our lives.
Hold on to faith.

I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon

Be Filled For Free


I remembered walking on the stretch of Aurora Blvd (in Quezon City, Philippines) one evening. I was tired and hungry that time but I was a little short on budget. I walked pass by this little coffee shop and the smell of its pastries and coffee caught my attention. Hungry and thirsty, I decided to enter and check the prices. I was disappointed to see how I was only 20 pesos short. As I was about to leave the coffee shop, I remembered an advice from a friend – that you can get anything when you ask nicely. I then took a deep inhale, went towards the counter, and asked nicely. “Hi, I have a little trouble here. Thing is, I want your cheapest coffee and sandwich meal but I am 20 pesos short”. the barista smiled at me and politely answered me with “I’m sorry sir, but I really can’t help you with your that”. I smiled back and apologized. As I was about to leave the coffee shop, a woman (I assume the manager) approached me and invited me to stay. She then asked the barista to prepare a meal for me. I was wondering who the woman was so I asked her why she was doing all those things for me. She told me “Brother, I heard you preach one time. I was one of your audience”. I felt awkward and fulfilled at the same time. We talked a little as I ate my free meal.

The incident made me realize the similarity to us humans and God’s love. Most of the time we tend to feel a little short and unworthy of God’s love because of our shortcomings or sins. We feel like talking to God and asking for forgiveness wont be enough to close the gap between us and God.  I have good news for you. Ask me what? Jesus is actually approaching us and is also inviting us to stay because He wants us to be filled with God’s love.

Brothers and sisters, God’s love and blessings, are overflowing. They are abundant that we shouldn’t be contented just with what we have. We shouldn’t also think that what we have is what we deserve because the Lord wants to fill us. He wants His love to overflow. All for free! No matter how unworthy or spiritually short we think we are.

God’s love is for free and He wants to fill us with that.
Let us let God fill us with His overflowing love.
Let us allow ourselves to be showered abundantly by His blessings.

I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon

The Silver Plate


There was a very rich man who despite of being rich, was lonely, sad, empty. This rich man being fed up with his life, went to see a wise monk for advice. “I am rich, I can buy anything I want but why can’t I be happy? Why do I feel lonely?” the rich man asked the monk. The monk asked for the rich man’s silver treasure. Thinking it was some kind of payment, the rich man generously gave the monk plenty of his silver treasure. The monk asked the rich man to wait as he left. After a while, the monk returned and asked the rich man to come with him. He brought the rich man to a dark room with a small window, told the rich man to look at the window and asked what he sees. “I see beautiful trees, flowers, happy children playing, old people having fun conversations”. “It is a really beautiful scenery” the monk said. He then covered the window with a silver plate and asked the rich man what he see now. “I see myself. My reflection. Only me, alone in this dark room”. “Exactly” the monk replied. The monk continued talking, “that silver plate was the silver treasure you gave me earlier. I melted it and molded it into that silver plate. That plate which covered the beautiful scenery, that same plate where you now see yourself alone was your treasure”.

Brothers and sisters, being rich is not wrong. It is not evil. It is not against God to be have plenty of treasure. But making god out of our treasure is. Most of the time we tend to be very busy wanting to gain material things that we forget to pray and seek God. We fail to feel the true joy and fulfillment of being with God and His people.

Pause for a while
Seek God

I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon

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