Not A ‘Self-Proclaimed’ Prince

“I wanna be a prince!”

This is what I thought these past few days. Why not? Princes have everything from good looks, to talents, to attitude, a princess to partner them, and lots of other good things.

All these imaginations of me being a prince kept running in my mind until I realized I am actually a princeI am a child of God therefore I am a child of the King of all kings. In the same manner, you-brothers and sisters, are also princes and princesses because you are also children of God. We are all His sons and daughters, we are all royalty.

I remember someone asking me why he can’t feel being a prince of God if he really is one. You might also be wondering about that. If so then let me tell you that we first have to do 3 simple steps before we can feel that we are God’s princes/princesses. Ready to know what these steps are?


You are God’s sons and daughters therefore you should act like His son/daughter. That means doing what Jesus Christ taught us. You should act and love the way Jesus Christ does. You should make Jesus Christ your model and strive to be like Him day by day. You should also remember that you are a prince/princess because God loves you and because Heyes He and not you-is great. You will never feel the fulfillment of being His prince/princess if you claim for yourself what is actually His (looks, riches, skills and talents,etc.) to begin with.

Also, to be a prince/princess, you should accept that you are a sinner and you’re to repent your sins! I remember what an inspiring sister told me while she was crying.

“I’m so sinful but why am I still so much blessed? I can actually hear God telling me that no matter how sinful I am, I’m still her princess. That she just loves me so much

Wow! Such an inspiring person. She knows she is sinful and she accepts it.-and I’m sure she is repenting on her sins. She is a PRINCESS!

2. Convert

Did you know that during the time of Christ, the famous people are the tax collectors and fishermen. They are the celebrities during that time. Now notice something, almost all of Jesus’ disciples were all once either a tax collector or a fisherman. Jesus’ disciples used to be celebrities during their time but they chose to follow Christ. They chose to convert and live a life serving God to the fullest. What happened next? Well, though they struggle difficulties(physical, emotional, mental pain), they were able to spend their remaining life in peace, harmony, fulfillment, and abundance. They lived as God’s princes. They lived a life of pure contentment! And that’s step 2. Brothers and sisters, convert.  To convert you should be ready to give up your current lifestyle-especially when its wrong-in exchange for a life in service to God. A life full of contentment and satisfaction.

“So to convert means being poor?”

No! To convert means to give up all sinful habits and activities from this modern world in exchange for the lifestyle God is offering you-a lifestyle of peace, love, and purity. Let me share something.

There are these people I admire so much. Who are they? They are the people I’m serving the poor with. Why do I admire them? Because they are people who entrusted their life to God and is now serving God with full contentment. These people exchanged their life of luxury and comfort just so they can serve God thru the poor. “So.. are they poor?” NOT AT ALL! Actually they are successful professionals who enjoys life by doing anything without worries on the financial aspect. They eat whenever and wherever they want, drive their own cars anywhere they like, and spend their money (even treating us) for fun and productive bonding or activities. They are not poor, actually they are rich-not just financially, but spiritually as well. They have everything and anything they need, starting with GOD of course! They are living their life with contentment to the fullest!!

3. Serve

I hate to break your bubble here but unlike the princes/princesses in fairy tales, real princes/princesses serve the people of their country. That’s their duty. In our case, we don’t call it duty but PRIVILEGE. Yes we are privileged to serve God’s people-our brothers and sisters. And that is the third and last step in the what-we-should-do-first list. Serving our brothers and sisters means to share your skills, talents, gifts, blessing, resources, etc. To serve our brothers and sisters means loving them! We are showered by God’s abundance and love and it is our privilege to serve His children by sharing these.
I am a PRINCE!

Are you ready to be one?
I encourage you to BE ONE!

I pray for you all.
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon


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