Three Short Reflections

(I wrote this on June 6, 2010; this article might seem to be out of time when read so please be reminded that this was written years ago)

Last week, I was blessed to be discerned as part of YFC (Youth for Christ) Sector East B4’s service team for their discovery camp-an overnight activity full of fun and wisdom. Frankly speaking, Of course I gladly accepted the service but aside serving God, I have another reason why I did. The reason? To fix a relationship I left.. uhm.. broken.. damaged.. destroyed!
And by the way, it had been 3 years since that relationship incident.
Why am I saying this? Because during that discovery camp, God just told me 3 big, overwhelming, striking message. And of course, I want to share it to everyone.


For the people who don’t know me, I’ve now been serving for years in YFC Sector Central C but originally I came and served (for a while) at Sector East B Cluster 4. Yep! The same cluster where I was discerned to do service was actually my YFC birthplace and yes, its been a very long time since I left.

After coming back to do service, I saw my life as it re-winded 4 years ago—the time when I was baptized and first welcomed as a YFC. As I reminisce, God’s 1st message struck me..

“My son.. Look back”

Brothers and sisters, God’s first message to me was look back. Ask me why we should look back? Because it is when we look back that we’ll be able to evaluate ourselves.

Did you grow your faith?
How about your relationship with Christ?
Were you blessed, how blessed?
Were you able to bless people?
Are you walking a path towards God?
Brothers and sisters, looking back allows us to see how we moved forward ever since we accepted God in our life. Looking back gives us the vision of how to move towards God!


God’s second message, your heart is God’s.
We might have heard this line too many times already, we might also have said “Lord my heart is yours!” but, how much of our heart is His?
Let me remind you brothers and sisters that our heart came from God and therefore the totality of our heart is His—and its our calling to return it FULL! Not half full, not broken, not bitter but healthy and full. Its like borrowing something from someone, you shouldn’t return it damaged or broken.

Brothers and sisters, lets serve God with a full and healthy heart! Remove your worries and bitterness, ask for God’s healing and allow our hearts to be fixed; then returned to Him by service.


Remember what I shared earlier about me fixing a broken relationship? I managed to fix it. Of course I’m happy! but you know what? I actually doubted because I might get hurt, misunderstood, hated..

Wanna know how I manage to overcome? ask me how? God told me something, and it was His third message.

“My champion, let me have my way”

Brothers and sisters, most of the times we worry on things we ought to do. The truth is we shouldn’t—especially when our decisions came from discernmentwisdom, or vision. These gifts came from God and He gave us these gifts for us to be guided. We can rest assure that everything will turn out fine if we follow these gifts. And if you think it didn’t, remind yourself to hold on and still not worry for I’m sure it will still work out in God’s time. God’s plan will always be the best for us. Brothers and sisters let God have His way!

Brothers and sisters, may we always be guided with our life joueney. Look back from time to time, offer our full heart in service with God, and trust in His plans and time.
I pray for you all.
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon


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