Warrior Or Worrier?

If we do things for HIM, these will become the greatest things” – Feliciano T.Mungcal III a.k.a Sonny

I remembered the very first talk I gave – it was in a Youth For Christ activity. Before the talk, I was very conscious of myself; how I look, how I sound, etc. I wasn’t confident at all.


Back  in high school I was known as the confident reporter. Why? Obviously Because I am confident of my reports and of how I deliver them; no matter what subject-that includes recess, lunch breaks, and dismissal. I was known as one of the teacher’s pets (or teacher’s favorites) when it comes to reporting.

Why am I confident? I’m not really a good reporter, but I tend to mimic great reporters – from the way they talk to the way they act. Portraying a great reporter gave me confidence. I am the confident reporter Evan Cabigon who portrays not myself but the great reporters I mimic.


Back to the day I first gave my talk. Again, I was conscious but then I told myself.. “I can do this! I am the confident reporter!“. And so the talk begun..

At first everybody was lively (not actually because of me but because of the ice breaker before my talk). Five minutes past, I saw one participant yawning. 10 minutes past, I saw more participants yawning. 15 minutes past, there were already participants bored to death. 30 minutes past,  more than half of the audience – including the facilitators – were already either sleeping or trying not to! There were a few awake person but they were on their own planet or adventures! That time, I paused and whispered a small prayer. “My God what happened? I did exactly what kuya _______ did. How come they became like this when they were so alive during kuya _______’s talk?“. I started to doubt myself, I stuttered, I lost my talk. I became a worrier.



Brothers and sisters, we tend to impress everyone by doing what we think is the best – which most of the time requires us to be someone else. We tend to mimic the way our leader’s preach, serve, act, walk, look, joke when in fact, God created us to be ourselves-to serve as ourselves. Serving God as another person might make us feel proud or confident but time will come when it will make us conscious of how we are serving Him. We will start to lose all assurance and confidence and doubt. We will struggle, we will get confused, we will feel tired, we will worry… congrats, you are now a worrier

A worrier is the result when one tries to serve God as someone else. They are the people not true to themselves. They are the people who gets (or will get) conscious with the way they serve. They are the people who, sadly, won’t enjoy the privilege of serving God and withered spiritually. Brother/sister, can you tell yourself this line..

I am (say your name), a servant of God who portrays not myself but (say the name of the person you are trying to mimic). I am gonna be a worrier.

Ever plan to say it again? I pray not..



The warrior is the exact opposite of the worrier. A warrior is the result of those who serve God the way God created them to. They are the people who doesn’t try to be someone else. A warrior is faithful to God and in His creation-that includes you. They are people who takes pride on the way they are created. They are the people confident of how they serve. They are the people who enjoys the privilege of serving God! They are the people who do the greatest things in the name of the Lord!

But brother Evan, how can I serve God when I am not wise, I am not talented? I cannot do anything great for the Lord unless I become somebody else…

If you are thinking this way then let me just tell you that I just finished one of brother Bo Sanchez’s book. And in that book were these awesome and inspiring lines:

God is flexible.
He’s made of rubber.
He can stoop down to hallow, lazy brains like mine.
And He can also meet the best and sharpest minds of big-time theologians. And still win.
He can be wise to the wise.
And simple to the simple.
I’ve realized that God will meet us where we are.
He will be what you need Him to be.

             -You Can Make Your Life Beautiful.
               Bo Sanchez

I agree with brother Bo brothers and sisters. God is so flexible that you don’t need to be somebody else to serve Him. He will just be what you need Him to be so that you can wholeheartedly serve Him. God created you the way you are not to be someone else but to serve Him the way you are!

Brother/sister, allow me share a strucking line a brother and friend said during a worship. His name is Sonny, he is a small young man who have a big heart in service for God. This is what he said:

If we do things for Him, these will become the greatest things.

Very simple, yet so powerful.


Brothers and sisters, we are called to be God’s warrior and not a worrier! Let us be one. Let us accept the fact that God wanted us to serve Him as ourselves. Let us do the greatest things! Now please say this line with conviction:

I am (say your name), a servant of God who is proud to portray myself. I am God’s warrior!

1 mar 2013 (62)

I pray for you all.
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon


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