Your Heart Wants To Listen

I want to start this note with the following questions.
Answer them in your minds.

What do you want to hear?
From whom do you want to hear it?
Where do you go when your surrounding becomes noisy?

Have you experienced being in a quiet place for a vacation? Isn’t it peaceful and relaxing? Sadly, we’re all living in a noisy/loud world—and usually, these noise block the things we actually wanted to hear. These noise robs us of peace resulting to a very stressful environment. Another sad thing is our world is not the only thing suffering from noise. Let me tell you something big, are you ready? Ask me what?

Brothers and sisters, we also suffer from noise—deep within our hearts. And these noise robs us peace and blocks what our hearts wanted to hear. Our hearts actually wants to hear God’s word, it is our heart’s deepest desire! God created us with a heart longing for His words. He did that because listening to His words gives us peace and brings out the best in us. But like what I just said, noises hinders us from hearing God-and they attack the 5 aspects of our life. These noise are our own problemsstrugglespainsbitternessdepressions, and insecurities while the 5 aspects are our family, friends, service, career/academic, love life.

The 5 aspects of life are actually like a wall:

Let yourself be affected by the noise in your family and a wall appears in front of you.

Let yourself be affected by the noise in your career/acads and another wall on your right appears.

Let yourself be affected by the noise in your friends and another wall on your left appears.

Let yourself be affected by the noise in your service and a wall appears on your back appears.

Finally, let yourself be affected by the noise in your love life and a wall (roof) appears above you.


Let me go back to my point. Noises in our hearts blocks God’s word. Just like the wall, the more you focus on the noise in any aspect of your life, the more you’ll be trapped. In the end, you wont be able to do anything, you’re trapped. I’m not telling you to ignore or remove these aspects in your life so that walls wont appear. What I’m telling you is to face your struggles. I know its hard and to tell you the truth, you wont actually be able to destroy these walls. What then should you do? All you have to do is to listen to God instead of the noises. Focus in His words, focus in His voice, pray and reflect. Only He can remove you from those walls. Only He can destroy those walls. Only He can give you peace in spite difficulties.
Brothers and sisters, our hearts right now might be hearing noises. We might be having difficulties in life. Lets be quiet, focus, and listen to God. Let us allow ourselves to experience peace as we listen to God.
Are you ready to listen?

I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon


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