God’s Instrument

I just finished cleaning my room (because it already looks like a garbage site, and a child of God shouldn’t rest in a dirty room. I suggest you also clean your room-you’re also a child of God). While cleaning my room, I found a medium-sized blue envelope full of old letters from my family and friends. I felt loved as I re-read the letters. Those letters made me feel special, they inspired me.

Earlier I experienced depression. I was so depressed that I was about to give up. But then again, I realized I should get rid of this depression. I need an output. I need to find someone who would listen to me. Someone who could guide me.

my past YFC household head? Too far
my current SFC household head? In work
my partner? Will take some time to arrive

I want and need someone to talk to ASAP. As in RIGHT NOW!
Then I remembered someone. I texted her, and she immediately came.
Praise God for sending His instrument.
Praise God for my caring group head.
Praise God for having Jane as my sister and friend!

God used Jane to guideinspireencourage, and motivate me during my depressed moment. God healed me thru her. And God didn’t just stop there, He continued to uplift me thru the old letters I found. Now I’m ready to go and I’m ready to overcome! How did God do it? God used instruments. Plenty of them.

“If you want to fly all you need is friendship” -Spongebob

Are you familiar with Spongebob Squarepants? If so, I hope you’re not a big fan of his because I’m going to edit his line a little.

“With God’s instruments, you can fly!” -Ebunbob

Who are God’s instrument?
How should I find them?


God’s main instruments are our family and friends! He uses them to help us in time of our need. Earlier, God used my family and friends to uplift me during (and after) my bitterness—actually He always use these instruments of His every time I’m down and never did He fail to make me OK. Why? Because they are GOD’S INSTRUMENT, and anything from God never fails.

Brothers and sisters, let us take care of our family and friends. God created them to inspire and encourage us. They will love and bless us. They are the physical manifestation of God’s love here on earth. They are God’s big blessing for us! With them by our side, we can do anything, we can fly!

One last message brothers and sisters, God blessed us with our family and friends as His instrument. We should then also bless people by being His instrument. We are also called to be God’s instrument to our family and friends. Let us open our hearts and allow God’s love and mercy to flow through us. Yes it will be time-consuming, sometimes very irritating, most of the time painful, but in the end It will all be worth it!

Allow yourself to be blessed by God’s instruments.
Then, be His instrument yourself.

I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon



  1. amor

    i remember feeling that way, during the MMC remember i texted you as well 🙂
    thanks for sharing

    • Didn’t receive any text Ate Amor. Text me again. 🙂

  2. amor

    you did, thats why you came to my aid during the MMC 🙂

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