I often encounter people telling me positive things such as: “You’re kinda cute/rich/smart/kind/confident/nice/fun/mature!“. The thing is, I never really see myself as such. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very very grateful, honored, flattered and honored but I think God deserve all of those not me. He was the one who beautifully created me as a champion—like all of you.
REWIND.(The Past)
I remember myself many years ago and what a cute kid I was!
Me years ago only thinks of fun, crushes, parties, fun, fun, FUN, and FUN. Oh, and have I mention FUN?
I’m also remember myself as I’m growing up- encountering problems. I remember how I started to know and serve God. I also remember a point when I totally turned my back to God and started living a life of sin. I remember how I messed my life big time that moment; I went to vices, ruined friends’ trust, destroyed a healthy relationship, wasted my education. I robbed valuable time from my life!

STOP.(and RESUME What’s Right)
I remember how I turned back to God after years of sin. That feeling of His sweet, overwhelming, welcoming embrace. That feeling of again being able to hear His calling. That feeling of being forgiven. I also remember that point of my life when I started learning/pursuing different activities. I learned the things I want and the things I need. I discovered my core gifts. I discovered my passion. I remember how from being a kid, I grew and turned into a young adult. 

PLAY.(I Then Say)
I hate the fact that I turned my back against God. I hate the fact that I was into different vices. I hate that point of my life! How I wished I’ve never been there. But then again, God is so great and flexible that He was able to use that point of my life for me to learn. He used that point to teach me wisdom against sin. He used my regrets to empower me with integrity. He used my experience to open my heart and mind.

I love the “me” right now, but the “me” right now won’t be like this if it wasn’t for that unwanted moment of my life and God’s great great mercy.

FORWARD.(The message)
Brothers and sisters, we may be encountering regrets or unwanted moments in our life but let’s face it head on! Let us welcome it (instead of hating it) with a strong will and a strong heart. I’m not saying we should welcome sin—for as we know we may be encountering different unwanted moments (It may be our personal problems, sickness, happenings, etc.)—instead, I encourage you to welcome yourself as a loser but not lose heart in fighting to win (with God’s grace) and learn from it. Let us face these moments with conviction and trust that God—through His mercy—will use them to mold us into a better person. A better champion!

PAUSE.(Reflect and Pray)

I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon


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  1. amen.. its really amazing on how God can really transform one’s life, just like the story of conversion of st. paul. God will always love us

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