Grow! Learn and Improve (Pt. 2)


In part 1 I encouraged you, brothers and sisters to grow. Also said in part 1 that we should grow with the purpose of serving God and His people. I hope and pray that you’ve already started you’re journey to growing. Here in part 2 allow me to share my thoughts and experience in growing .

“If what you have done yesterday still looks big to you, you haven’t done much today”

The line above was said by Mikhail Gorbachev-the last general secretary of the Soviet Union. Many people thinks he is a failure in politics but I admire this person. Especially that line he told. That said, I believe we should have this desire to be better everyday. We should strive to outdo ourselves.

I said in part 1 how I know almost every common thing but let me tell you a secret, I can do plenty of things but I’m not really great in all of them. Rather, I only know them enough to say I can do them just a little. But it doesn’t matter. Am I better than me yesterday? YES! Will I keep getting better? YES! Will I be able to serve God more by being very flexible? YES! And because I learned plenty of things,  I’ve got plenty of room for improvements.

In his book Love Life, Bro. George Gabriel said:

“We compete everyday. Not necessarily against opponents or rivals, but always with ourselves. We may try to outdo others when we’re in a competition, but the most fulfilling part is when we are able to break our own personal records. When we meet our own goals and go beyond our own expectations.”

Brothers and sisters let us outdo ourselves by:

Learning musical instruments
Running farther
Going to gym (or adding weights)
Reading more books
Loving people more
Being more patient
Praying more
Attending workshops

There are plenty of ways to outdo ourselves. Pick one, and when you think you’ve improved, pick another. Because when we improve we become a better gift to others. More importantly, Jesus said, “My Father is glorified when you bear much fruit” (John 15:8).


Growing and learning takes humility. Humility to first accept that you can still be far better than your current self. Humility to ask for someone’s guidance and wisdom. Humility to lower yourself and learn the teaching of another person. I, for example, am a frustrated dancer-I cannot dance! But knowing humility, I should swallow my pride and ask someone to teach me, no matter how stupid I look when I ask and when I dance.

Brothers and sisters, there’s a profound wisdom behind our imperfections. This provides an avenue for others to reach out to us and share what they have. And because of that, we deepen our relationships – which is a bonus. God designed us to help one anotherfor one’s strength to fill another’s weakness. And learning new strengths would allow you to fill many weaknesses.

I used to be too proud to ask for help. Not anymore. I’ve discovered the beauty of it. It’s God’s most concrete way of making His presence felt-through the helping hand of another person. So go ahead and surround yourself with talented people. Allow them to surround you with peer pressure. And by all means, give in to it, learn from them. Just as long as it leads you to God.


I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon


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