I remember talking to a friend about our career when she blurted out how hard it is to land a job today. I disagreed and told her it’s not hard to find a job as long as you do something to qualify for the job and to give a good impression to whoever is interviewing you. She then answered that it doesn’t go like that considering there are plenty of people who are also qualified and impressive enough to land a job. That it’s all about competition and I was just lucky to be studying (I’m currently a working-student) in an institute well know for my profession. Furthermore, she told me that if not for my school’s reputation, I may not be working now.

Whew, I really think I made her angry..

…nah, she loves me enough to understand my insensitivity. 🙂


Brothers and sisters I have good news for you. Ask me what? My friend, you are privileged! You are the child of a King. You have the capability to reach your biggest dreams. You our showered with unlimited blessings and abundance. You have the favor of grace and forgiveness. You have the promise of heaven and eternal life. You are a child of God made in His image and likeness. You are awesome! You can do things you never imagine you can-and even do things that might seem out of this world.

One thing I learned in my journey of learning and growth is that our capacity to learn, bless people, love, heal, and make miracles have no end. It only ends when decide to stop. We are like a biological USB who have no limits in terms of storing abilities. It all points out to our origin-who is the eternal God Himself. We are that privileged.

You might be thinking why you can’t feel the privilege I am talking about. Allow me to share a little story I once read from Paulo Coelho:

” A man stumbles and falls into a deep hole. He asks a passing priest to help him out. The priest blesses him and walks on. Hours later, a doctor comes by. The man asks for help, but the doctor merely studies his injuries from afar, writes him a prescription, and tells him to buy the medicine from the nearest pharmacy. Finally, a complete stranger appears. Again, he asks for help, and the stranger jumps into the hole. ‘Now both of us are trapped down here.’ To which the stranger replies, ‘No, we’re not. I’m from around here, and I know how to get out.’ “

My point in the story is that if ever you cannot feel the privilege I’m speaking of, then you might need ‘strangers’ like that in the story. ‘Strangers’ who are well aware of the privilege they have for being a child of God. Find one, and as much as possible surround yourself with them. They can help you big time. As to where to find these ‘strangers’, there are plenty of organizations and/or parishes in our community that offers them.

Before I end, allow me to share a little food for thought I once read:

Our air contains the love of the Lord so every time you are feeling down, inhale deeply and ask for all the blessings in the air to enter your body and fill every cell. Then exhale slowly, projecting happiness and peace around you. Repeat as much as you want. You’ll be helping to heal yourself and you’d also be contributing to healing the world. Again, such privilege.

Brothers and sister, we are privileged! We are children of God. We’ve got access to the kingdom, the unlimited joy, miracles, gifts, growth, and love God has in store. Allow yourself to be showered with all of these and be in harmony with the overflowing abundance of God.

Repeat after me, I am PRIVILEGED!

I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon



  1. amen.. 🙂

  2. amen.. 🙂 its a good feeling to know that there are people praying for you

    • Let me also assure you that I am also praying for you bro.

      • Hoho.. bkit dito ko ito napost? It is supposed on the other write up..haha

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