God’s Greatest Gift

We have what we call 3G or God’s greatest gift in our community. It is our community’s version of life (marriage) partner.


Truly, a life partner is the greatest gift God can give us (Proverbs 19:14). I think most people are unaware yet but marriage is actually the highest form of relationship one may have-aside the intimate relationship with God of course. Genesis 2:24 states:

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh”.

Marriage is so important that it pleases God. Proverbs 18:22 states:

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord”.

Marriage is so important that it is even one of the seven sacraments aligning with the Holy Orders (or priesthood) under the second order of the sacraments, the sacraments of vocation (also known as sacrament at the service of communion).

Why am I telling you all of these? I’m telling you all of these because I want you to know about it. I want you to appreciate the true value of going/being in a relationship. I want you to know the value of both you and your partner because knowing the value of each other will inject more respect, more love, more understanding, and more patience. Knowing the value of each other will make pursuing a Christ-centered relationship easier.

Now I don’t want you to think that I’m saying these things because I know them or because I think they are right. Rather, understand that like most people, I am also a failure when it comes to relationships-all of us are. Only with the proper guidance of God and alignment to the teachings of Jesus Christ can we be truly successful in handling a relationship. This article I’m writing now is based on my personal failure experiences, faith, and teachings learned from dozens of admirable people.

Basically let me just share two short points: man and woman.


As a man we should strive to be the head of the relationship. We should be in charge of the relationship, and by saying in charge I meant have the 3P’s qualities. 3P’s stands for pastor, provider, and protector.

Pastor: A man who has the quality of a pastor can lead his partner to Christ. He would be the source of spiritual nourishment for his future family. He would also be able to inspire his future children to be Christ like as he stands as the model for his children.

Provider: A man should also know how to provide for his partner and his future family-may that be financially, physically, or mentally. As a provider he can provide not only his treasure but also his time and talents. He has his priorities set. Not a workaholic, not too much of a romantic, and definitely not a bum who would rely on his parents.

Protector: A man should be matured enough to handle difficulties the relationship (or future family) would encounter. A protector knows how to inspire, motivate, and encourage to pursue holiness in a relationship. He would be the first to say no in times of temptations and thought of giving up. Finally, he should be able to withstand a woman’s unpredictability and continue to love her based on her worth-which by the way is a lot considering she is a daughter of God.

Finally, we as a man must have an integrity in terms of loving, respecting, understanding, and inspiring our partner. Courtship wont stop when she says yes rather, it is only just the beginning. We should always strive growth not only for ourselves but to better serve God and His valued daughter.


As a woman you should know your true value. You are not just somebody, you are the daughter of God. You are a princess therefore should be treated as one. You wont allow anyone especially a man to disrespect you by asking things he shouldn’t. You have the power to end a man’s misery of courtship with just one yes. You have the power to choose. It is then your responsibility to choose someone who would walk the path of God with you. Also as a woman you should be..

Trusting: A woman should know how to trust her partner fully because trust is needed for her to submit to her partner. Paul said that submission to her husband is itself an act of obedience to Christ. Submission primarily honors the Lord who established the relationship. Don’t ever see submission as a ranking but cooperative way in handling a relationship.

Patient and understanding: A woman should also be very very very very very patient and understanding. If a man should be able to withstand a woman’s unpredictability then a woman should be able to understand a man’s immaturity and cope up with it. A man, no matter how mature, would always be a kid inside. Also, being the one who would most likely be with her children all the time, being patient and understanding will allow her to be more loving.

Comforting and Supportive: A woman should be very comforting and supportive. She should be there in times of need of her partner. She should know how to deal with her partner’s struggles-may that be emotional, physical, or mental. Also, she should be able to motivate her partner to be better.

Independent: A woman should also be independent. Not because she shouldn’t rely to her partner but because an independent woman pushes her partner to improve and grow. So would her future children.

Loves herself: A woman should also loves herself very much. She should know her true value and stick with it. She would not lower her standards because she knows and trusts in God’s time, she would meet the man He prepared for her. And this man would be able to treat her as she should be treated.

Relationships (that should lead to marriage) are God’s greatest gift for us and He Himself wants us to be experience it. He loves marriage and He wants to be part of it! We should therefore strive to grow and improve so that we may be able to handle our relationship the way God intended us to. Let us see the true importance of relationship and strive to be a better man and woman of God.


One Man - One Woman - And God

I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon


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  1. Evan! Very timely. Thank you for sharing! God bless 🙂

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