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Serving People

LAST NIGHT I WAS PRIVILEGED TO HAVE A DINNER DATE WITH AN AWESOME WOMAN. I just met her. I saw her by the alley besides a convenience store. She was there, sitting alone. (Photo from Frank’s Photo Essay) I was supposed to eat dinner in the convenience store when I suddenly felt the Holy Spirit …

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The Two Frogs

There were this two frogs playing in a garden. They were having fun as they jumped and jumped until they accidentally fell in a deep well. The other frogs in the garden saw what happened and they went near the mouth of the well to check on the two frogs. They saw the two frogs …

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Making The Trade

One day there was a boy who has a bag of marbles. This boy was walking happily while carrying his bag of marbles when he suddenly saw a girl who was also happily walking with a bag. Out of curiosity, the boy asked what’s inside the girl’s bag. “This is a bag filled with sweet …

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The Emotion-Changing Ring

Once there was a king who has a very wise servant. The King was so impressed with the servant that he wanted to test just how smart his servant is. The king summoned his wise servant. “I want you to find me or create an item that will make happy people sad, and sad people …

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A Different ‘The Grasshopper And The Ant’

Once upon a time, there was a young grasshopper and a young ant. They are buddies from the same high school. The ant has an active, outgoing personality-always doing all sort of things, living life to the fullest. The grasshopper however was shy and afraid. Once, the ant asked the grasshopper to join him in …

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The Liebster Award

I was humbly nominated for Liebster Award by Pages of Grace on Sept 15 but have been very busy that I wasn’t able to respond immediately. Still, I really found this award smart and motivating so I apologize and thank you Pages of Grace for letting me be part of this. This award seems like a way …

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Avoid The World’s Buffet

I hate going to any buffet type restaurant. Not that I hate food, rather, I love food so much that I find my urge to eat a lot hard to control when inside a closed room surrounded by food. Thing is, my mom loves going to these type of restaurants. She insist that buffets are …

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Childlike Joy

(Public jeepney) I had this fun experience in a public jeepney one time while going home. I noticed a kid (maybe 2 or 3 y/o) sitting on his mother’s lap in front of me. This kid was staring at me for a while already so I responded by smiling at him. Seeing my smile, the kid suddenly …

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Do (or Learn) It!

“Behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain.” ― Bob Dylan I stumbled on this beautiful quote while surfing the net for poems and it immediately grabbed my attention. There are plenty of these kind of quotes out there and they are commonly used as a battel cry such as: “no pain, no gain” for the army, “no guts, …

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Say Yes!

I HAD A GREAT DINNER TODAY! I asked my youngest brother to cook dinner today. My request, Chinese food. What I got, a very salty, mushy, and a little burnt chicken dish.. Of course I still ate it even when it doesn’t seem edible anymore. After eating, I called my friend to ask how his …

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Lord Jesus Saves︵‿ †

Magnifying Jesus Christ


I really like Ryan Gosling.

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