Give More-Receive More


There is a stray cat who made our home his home. He would always sneak inside our house whenever he gets a chance. I would always try to get near him and feed him but out of defense, he would always run. I actually want to tame and adopt him as a pet if only he allows me to.

Brothers and sisters, I see God and ourselves in the same situation. God tries to feed us with His grace but we avoid Him. He wants us to come near Him but we always refuse. He prepared a world full of His love, blessings, grace, abundance for us but most of the time we fail to accept it. We run from it-whether we are aware or not.

You might say:

“Ok I understand your point but tell me, how can we come closer to God?”

What I learned from Bo Sanchez is that there are 3 ways of getting near God. Bo calls them T3

1. Time
God wants us to give our time to God. Time for us to serve, to pray, to confess our sins, to learn His teachings.

2. Talents
God wants us to use our talents to serve Him. Use our talents to serve people and to proclaim His love.

3. Treasure
God wants us to use our resources to give tithes. To help the church and the people in need.

Brothers and sisters T3 doesn’t just teach us to give our time, talents, and treasure to God. T3 encourage us to give our all to God-not part of our time, talent, and treasure but all of it. By giving away something, we realize how small we have compared to the Lord. We will then be humbled and realize that these things we give away are nothing compared to our big and generous God. We’ll learn to rely on Him and trust Him more. As we give something to the Lord we realize that being with the Lord is more important than what we gave. God wants us to give our all to truly be able to get closer to God. And as we do, we would then be able to allow Him to feed us with the marvels the universe has in store for us.

Final note brothers and sisters.

The Lord doesn’t really need our time, He owns eternity.
He doesn’t need our talents, one snap of His finger and He can summon angels with all sort of knowledge and talents.
He doesn’t need our treasure, He created the universe.
He doesn’t need you to give your all but He wants you to because by giving your all you’d be able to learn and grow more. He wants you to give your all for your own sake-because He loves you and He wants you to be able to receive all of His grace.

Brothers and sisters, give your all to God and be ready to receive more of Him!
Give your all and be more blessed and abundant!

I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon


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