The Emotion-Changing Ring


Once there was a king who has a very wise servant. The King was so impressed with the servant that he wanted to test just how smart his servant is. The king summoned his wise servant. “I want you to find me or create an item that will make happy people sad, and sad people happy” the king ordered. “I will be giving you a week to find or create this item I seek” the king added. After hearing this, the servant  became pale. He knew there is no such thing as a magical item that can turn happy people sad, and sad people happy. “If such an item exist then it would be because of magic” the servant thought. And so, he went to a well known magician and asked for an item the king seeks. The magician laughed and answered: “There is no such thing! Magic is only an illusion. I can do all sort of tricks or illusion that may make a person happy but I never heard of an item the can change a person’s emotion”. The servant upon hearing this, left and went home disappointed.

The next day, the servant decided to try his luck with a well known blacksmith. The servant asked the blacksmith if he can forge an item the king seeks. The blacksmith brushed him off saying: “I can make the greatest weapon that can protect or abuse people. I can create things that can change people’s lives but I never will I be able to create something that can change a person’s emotion”.  Again, the servant upon hearing this, left and went home disappointed,

Days passed and the servant kept searching for an item the king seeks. He asked different experts but he never got any information about an item that can make a happy person sad, and a sad person happy. Alas, the deadline the king gave the servant came and the servant was summoned. The servant wasn’t able to find the item the king seeks and thus, very afraid of the punishment. “Have you found the item I seek?” the king asked. Upon asking, the servant realized something and asked the king to give him just a few minutes. The king agreed and gave the servant his request, the servant left and returned with a ring after a short while. “This is the item you seek, my king” the servant proudly said. The king knew that the item he seek can nowhere be found and so he got up and out of intrigue, asked for the ring. As the king examines the ring, he smiled, looked to his wise servant, and answered: “truly, this is a ring that can make a happy person sad, and a sad person happy”.

Wanna know what the king saw in the ring?


The ring has an engrave that says “This too shall pass”. True enough, a happy person who sees that will get sad realizing his happiness will one day pass. A sad person however upon seeing the ring will realize that his sadness will also one day pass, making him happy.

Brothers and sisters, everything in our world is temporary. From material possession to our emotions, even our career is temporary. Nothing is permanent. Nothing other than the love of God. Be affirmed. Be glad. Be fulfilled.

You are loved permanently.
That will never change.

I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon



  1. Preach it Evan.

    • Someone actually asked me if I can preach this to them. I’m now discerning about it. Pray for me please.

      • Sure. I pray that God gives you the boldness like Peter and Stephen to stand and declare His Word in all truth and simplicity to bring about change in the lives of people so they can serve in the Kingdom of God. Amen

  2. Beautiful! Heart-warming. Enlightening. Thank you so much for sharing. I will be back for more. God bless and keep you and continue to give you wisdom.

    • Thank you! So are your posts actually. Looking forward for newer post.
      God bless you, your family, and your community!

  3. ren

    whoah, ang galing:) di ko naisip yun ah? oo nga no? heart warming. I hope a lot of people, would read and reflect into this. 🙂


  1. The Emotion-Changing Ring | huntprayerpoems

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