The Two Frogs

two frogs

There were this two frogs playing in a garden. They were having fun as they jumped and jumped until they accidentally fell in a deep well. The other frogs in the garden saw what happened and they went near the mouth of the well to check on the two frogs. They saw the two frogs trying to jump out the well but because the well was deep, they cannot jump over and escape. The frogs by the mouth of the well talked to each other and agreed that the two trapped frogs wont be able to escape anymore. “Give up! You can’t escape this well, it’s too deep!” the frogs shouted.



The two trapped frogs however, continued jumping as they try to escape. The frogs outside continued shouting: “You wont be able to make it, you’re just wasting your time! Give up!”. And so, one of the trapped frog stopped jumping, lay down, and died after a while. The other trapped frog kept jumping as he still tries to escape. “We said give up! You’re wasting your time and efforts, do what your friend did. Just give up and die!” the frogs outside kept shouting. The trapped frog kept jumping until he managed to jump high and escape. The other frogs went beside the escaped frog and said: “We thought you wont make it. We thought you’re gonna remain trapped there. We thought you’re gonna die”.  The escaped frog looked at them and said: “Thank you! Thank you very much! Thank you!”. The other frogs got surprised, “Thank you? Why thank you?” they asked.  The escaped frog then answered: “Pardon? What did you say? Sorry, I have a hearing problem”. The escaped frog was actually a little deaf! And this frog continued saying: “I’m really thankful to you guys. While I was trapped inside the well, I was about to give up but I saw you outside shouting on me. I can’t hear what you were shouting but you persisted in doing so. You were cheering on me! Because of that, I was able to escape”.

Brothers and sisters, there are situations in our life when everyone around us would discourage us – especially in building a relationship with the Lord. During these moment, let’s be deaf. Let’s hold on to the promises of God. Let’s be like the frog who managed to escape.

We will escape our struggles!
We will be successful!
We are cheered! 


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