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A Boy’s ‘Bike Prayer’

There was a boy who badly wanted a bike.. The boy then asked his parents to buy him but since their family is poor, they cannot afford to buy him a bike. The parents then told the boy to pray and ask God for his request. The next day, the boy went to the chapel …

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Be Filled For Free

I remembered walking on the stretch of Aurora Blvd (in Quezon City, Philippines) one evening. I was tired and hungry that time but I was a little short on budget. I walked pass by this little coffee shop and the smell of its pastries and coffee caught my attention. Hungry and thirsty, I decided to …

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The Silver Plate

There was a very rich man who despite of being rich, was lonely, sad, empty. This rich man being fed up with his life, went to see a wise monk for advice. “I am rich, I can buy anything I want but why can’t I be happy? Why do I feel lonely?” the rich man …

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When Sorrow Visits Us

I’M ACTUALLY FEELING SAD RIGHT NOW.. I am the type of person who easily laughs, easily fills with compassion, easily love but I am also the type who easily feel sorrowful. Right now, I’m feeling the later. Allow me to share, I did something I really didn’t know to a very special sister. She texted …

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Femininity 101

I remembered coming across this video where the show’s host tries to challenge girls in a club to do all sorts of things-from kissing to stripping-in front of the camera where thousands of viewers can later watch.  As I watched, I can’t help but feel dismayed. Is this how the girls see themselves? Do they …

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Tonight’s Lesson: Relationship With Your Parents

Originally posted on Palmetto Hills Youth:
I know what I was thinking when I was in High School: “I can’t wait to be out on my own; I can’t wait to get some separation from my parents.”  This is a normal feeling.  We should want to go out on our own and experience life in…

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Lord Jesus Saves︵‿ †

Magnifying Jesus Christ


I really like Ryan Gosling.

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