Be Filled For Free


I remembered walking on the stretch of Aurora Blvd (in Quezon City, Philippines) one evening. I was tired and hungry that time but I was a little short on budget. I walked pass by this little coffee shop and the smell of its pastries and coffee caught my attention. Hungry and thirsty, I decided to enter and check the prices. I was disappointed to see how I was only 20 pesos short. As I was about to leave the coffee shop, I remembered an advice from a friend – that you can get anything when you ask nicely. I then took a deep inhale, went towards the counter, and asked nicely. “Hi, I have a little trouble here. Thing is, I want your cheapest coffee and sandwich meal but I am 20 pesos short”. the barista smiled at me and politely answered me with “I’m sorry sir, but I really can’t help you with your that”. I smiled back and apologized. As I was about to leave the coffee shop, a woman (I assume the manager) approached me and invited me to stay. She then asked the barista to prepare a meal for me. I was wondering who the woman was so I asked her why she was doing all those things for me. She told me “Brother, I heard you preach one time. I was one of your audience”. I felt awkward and fulfilled at the same time. We talked a little as I ate my free meal.

The incident made me realize the similarity to us humans and God’s love. Most of the time we tend to feel a little short and unworthy of God’s love because of our shortcomings or sins. We feel like talking to God and asking for forgiveness wont be enough to close the gap between us and God.  I have good news for you. Ask me what? Jesus is actually approaching us and is also inviting us to stay because He wants us to be filled with God’s love.

Brothers and sisters, God’s love and blessings, are overflowing. They are abundant that we shouldn’t be contented just with what we have. We shouldn’t also think that what we have is what we deserve because the Lord wants to fill us. He wants His love to overflow. All for free! No matter how unworthy or spiritually short we think we are.

God’s love is for free and He wants to fill us with that.
Let us let God fill us with His overflowing love.
Let us allow ourselves to be showered abundantly by His blessings.

I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon



  1. Amen!

  2. Amen… love this!

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