A Boy’s ‘Bike Prayer’

There was a boy who badly wanted a bike..


The boy then asked his parents to buy him but since their family is poor, they cannot afford to buy him a bike. The parents then told the boy to pray and ask God for his request. The next day, the boy went to the chapel to pray. “Jesus, I wish you buy me a bike” the boy prayed. The next day, the boy woke up and excitedly ran to their garage only to see that there was no bike. The boy again went to the chapel to pray. “Jesus, you might have not heard me yesterday so again I wish you buy me a bike” the boy prayed. The next day, the boy woke up and checked to see if the bike was already in their garage. Again, no bike. So the boy irritably went to the chapel. “Jesus, I’m warning you. Buy me a bike” the boy demanded. The next day, the boy woke up and checked the garage only to see that there was still no bike. Out of anger, the boy went to the chapel, left a note under the crucifix, and took the statue of Mother Mary. The note states “Jesus, I have your mother and I wont return her until you buy me a bike”.

What do we do when our prayers get unanswered? Most of us can’t accept it when our prayers get unanswered. We tend to get angry with God. If not, we tend to lose trust to His plans for us.

I believe God only has three answers for our prayers.

1) Yes, I will grant your prayer
2) Wait, I will grant your prayer on the right time
3) No, I have something better in store for you

The problem is, we lack faith to see or understand answers 2 and 3. We always want answer 1 because we think that is the only answer benefiting us when in reality, whatever answer God will give will be good for us (answer 3 actually is better than what we ask).

Brothers and sisters let me share something I read from somewhere (I forgot where)

Whether our prayer goes answered or unanswered, remember: If we knew what the Lord knew, we wouldn’t change a thing

God’s answer to our prayers will always be the best for us – may that be ‘yes’, ‘wait’, or ‘no’.
Trust God’s plans for our lives.
Hold on to faith.

I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon



  1. One of my favorite scriptures is, Matthew 6:33.
    “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you.” So, many years ago I cease praying for “material things” for myself and began praying for the wisdom for a particular situation.

    • Praise God for the good changes in your life. I also like Matthe 6:33. It’s simple but can never fail to remind us what to prioritize. May we also pray for the people who are in need.

  2. So true – words of wisdom. My thanks…

    • Thank the Lord. He just lent me His wisdom. God bless!

  3. I think you’ll see – from the first line – that I’m right there with you.


    • Yes I am with you. Thank you sister. God bless. Wonderful post by the way.

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