Be Awesome!

I remember praying in a crowded church when a rich and successful looking man caught my attention.


The church I was in is known because of its Thursday novenas which grant wishes. I don’t really have a say whether it’s over spiritualism or what. Anyway, because of the church’s background, many people do go and pray the Thursday novena for their personal wishes. It was a Thursday when I visited and prayed on that church. The place was full of people seeking for their wish to be granted – mostly student about to take the board exam and average looking people. That’s when I saw this rich and successful looking man. He’s wearing a nice fit corporate attire. He’s not trying to brag his status because seeing him, you’d know that he’s actually trying to be simple and not flashy – it just so happen that he really shine in the crowd. This guy then started praying in silence while smiling. It’s obvious how he is grateful for all the blessings he received.

I find these kind of people awesome. They make me really really happy. You see, most of us tends to forget God after our prayer gets answered. We forget to be grateful for our answered prayer and simply continue with our life as if we didn’t receive anything from God. Few remembers to give praise and thanks for the blessing they received – again, they are awesome.

Brothers and sisters, let’s be awesome. By awesome I mean to always remember to give praise and thanks for the blessings we receive; may that be an answered prayer or an unasked blessing. We are abundantly showered by God’s blessings and grace. Let us learn to be sensitive to these abundance. Let us try to see them, and praise God for them.



I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon



  1. A very interesting perspective. I call that quiet power. It’s good to know that you are ok. We have been praying for you all in the Philippines.

    • Thank you so much brother. Let’s continue to pray for everyone who was affected by the typhoon. God bless.

  2. Hello Evan. The man is very humble. He will be further exalted. Thank God you are well. Welcome back. Blessings.

    • Petal!! Haven’t heard much from you recently. How’s everything going with your ministry?

      BTW. You’re right. He will be further exalted. Amen.

      • Evan my ministry continues to be blessed. I am being led by the Holy Spirit to expand the ministry to touch more lives around the world. But it will take resources and time. Keep me in your prayers. To God be the glory.

        • I will Petal. God bless with you and your ministry. All for God’s glory!

  3. I don’t know if it’s the season or what, but gratitude seems to be a hot topic. I think for more and more believers an “attitude of gratitude” is becoming part of their lifestyles. Which is awesome! Have a great day.

    • I also noticed that. And you’re right it is awesome. Let’s spread the word. God bless!

  4. Interesting take. I just pray he seize memory and heal my shatters spirit.

    • I’m sure He will. I will be praying with you. God bless!

  5. This is a lovely post.

    • Thank you very much! I’d love to read your posts soon too. God bless!

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