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Grow Together

I have two friends named Karl and Nique. They will most of the time be seen in a coffee shop together, doing their own stuffs-Karl studying, Nique doing work. I admire how they motivate each other to being better. Brothers and sisters, God wants us to grow. But he also knows how striving for growth …

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The Man And The Boulder

There was a man living in a small hut. Outside his hut is a huge boulder about the size of his small hut. One day, the Lord spoke to the man. The Lord said, “My son, I have something I want you to do and I want your complete obedience”, “of course my Lord, tell me …

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Grow, Be Better!

I have this brother who every night, before going to bed, would listen to a recorded talk for a week. Let me emphasize. He would listen to the same recorded talk every night for a whole week. After a week, he would start listening to a new recorded talk-again, every night for a whole week. He …

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Lord Jesus Saves︵‿ †

Magnifying Jesus Christ


I really like Ryan Gosling.

Daily (w)rite

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Being Born-again

Smile,Jesus loves you. Salvation is free!!!!!!

Singles For Christ

East B-5B Francisville Chapter. Service. Fellowship. Adventures. Loving God. Living our lives as Singles for Christ.

Proverbs 31 Wanna-be

Devotions written for men and women by a Proverbs 31 Wanna-be.


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Reaching Inner City communities through cross cultural youth ministry.