Change The World

Let’s start by first smelling yourself. If there is someone sitting beside you I strongly advise that you smell him/her also. No, I’m serious…

I will now make a bold statement. A person’s smell differs at age. If it’s a baby it would probably smell like milk. Smells nice. If it’s a toddler it would probably smell like powder. Also smells nice. If it’s a teen it would probably smell like cologne. Again, smells nice. If it’s a middle-aged person it would probably smell like an intoxicating perfume. May be hard on the nose but smells nice nonetheless. If it’s an old person it would most likely smell like ointment. Minty, but still smells nice.

It’s funny and impressive how we can describe a person with the things our organs sense. Now look at yourself, speak and try listening to yourself, feel yourself. You would most likely see, hear, feel well.. yourself. You. Whoever you are.

I’ve got a challenge for you. I’m assuming you’ve already known and perhaps met God. My challenge then is to showcase Him. Where am I getting at, ask me where?

Brothers and sisters the people around us respond to us and to their surrounding depending on what they sense in us. I believe that is one of the standards in the universe God created. I’ll give you an example. First example, be arrogant. People around you would most likely respond in a negative manner. And this negative response would most likely be passed to another person, animal, thing, or whatever is around them. Another example, be friendly (but sensitive to personal space). The people around you would most likely respond in a positive manner and again, this positive manner would most likely be passed to another. I’m not saying it happens all the time but it happens most of the time. Like I said, that’s a standard in this universe. My point? Well imagine you showcase God by letting people see God thru you, hear God thru you, or feel God thru you. How do you think they would respond? Some might say they would probably respond violently but then again, my challenge is to let people feel God thru you-meaning, love them. Care for them. Understand them. Not lecture them. So, how do you think they would respond again? I strongly believe they would respond with peace. And their response to others? Compassion.

Brothers and sisters, changing this world is hard. Letting God be acknowledge by everyone is even harder. But having a world with loving, compassionate, caring people… possible. And by the time we achieve that kind of world, it will be easier to let God be known. Why? Because everyone would then be speaking God’s language – love.

Let me end by challenging you again. Showcase God. Let people around you see, hear, and feel God thru you. Everything starts in you.


Let us change this world together!

I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon


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