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There was once in my life when I was a shy and quiet person. I have few friends and I live with a boring daily routine. I tried doing things just to fit in. I didn’t see the good things in life and in me. I was sad and empty until I met this fun, very lively, very positive, always smiling person. She can interact (and even be the center of attention) with any kind of group without changing any of her personality, style or looks.  What’s more, she became my friend. My admiration became bigger and bigger as I learned to know her more. I then started reading her blogs – which btw are full of religious teachings, inspiring stories and personal experiences. As time passed, I realized that I am being molded into better person. God used her and her blogs to start a little fire of positive change in me and that fire grew bigger and more intense as time passed by. I started to be open to the world and welcome every good things God offers.

Many great things happened after meeting her. We are now very close friends (we treat each other as blood siblings). I continue to strive for improvements. I still (and will always) welcome great things from God, and opportunities for growth or learning. I am now a man full of confidence, and loves having fruitful conversations. All of these changes started because I met her and I read (and will definitely continue to) her blogs.

I want things to be the same for you. I might not be able to meet you but thru this blog, I hope and pray that I will be able to start a little fire of positive change in your life. I hope and pray that I will be able to bless and/or inspire you through the things I will write in here.

Message me, I am always open for suggestions, correction, recommendation, or simply conversation. Let’s be friends. Also, you can message me for prayer requests – I would love to pray for you. Please pray for me too-after all, I’m just a person with an unorganized mind used by God to preach His wisdom.

I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon


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