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Serving People

LAST NIGHT I WAS PRIVILEGED TO HAVE A DINNER DATE WITH AN AWESOME WOMAN. I just met her. I saw her by the alley besides a convenience store. She was there, sitting alone. (Photo from Frank’s Photo Essay) I was supposed to eat dinner in the convenience store when I suddenly felt the Holy Spirit …

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Childlike Joy

(Public jeepney) I had this fun experience in a public jeepney one time while going home. I noticed a kid (maybe 2 or 3 y/o) sitting on his mother’s lap in front of me. This kid was staring at me for a while already so I responded by smiling at him. Seeing my smile, the kid suddenly …

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Our Heart’s Desire

“Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart” Psalms 37:4 I’ve encountered this verse countless times. I’ve read it so many times that I almost don’t read nor reflect on it anymore. Earlier during my morning devotion, I almost skimmed right past this verse. Almost. Maybe it …

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Unaware Blessing Giver

HE WAS DANCING IN FRONT OF A VERY LARGE CROWD-UNAWARE OF THE CROWD’S FIXED EYES ON HIM. HE WAS HAVING FUN DANCING, SO ARE THE CROWDS WATCHING. Jil is my friend and brother from the community. He has this gift of making people smile(that’s just the least he can do). I really admire how he …

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Be Satisfied

This past few days I was very busy with work and school that I had a hard time keeping up with my daily routine. My daily routine consists of: Morning prayerMorning wash (brush teeth and half bath)Brunch preparationRead Yahoo! NewsPractice accent by reading English poemsAfternoon mouth carePrayer time (scripture reading, reflection, worship, and rosary)School stuffsRead …

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You Are Important

My mom loves to buy these decorated candles (the ones molded in the shape of flowers, angels, etc.). Thing is, she never use them. She just keeps on buying these kind of candles and store it at home. I remember there was this evening when a black out occurred and for whatever reason, all our flashlights …

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Be Spoiled

My youngest brother Ken is an expert when it comes to getting what he wants from us-his older brothers. He doesn’t even need to ask. All it takes for him is a smile and a “hehe”. That’s our Ken and we don’t mind spoiling him a little because we really love our youngest gremlin. Brothers and sisters, …

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I remember talking to a friend about our career when she blurted out how hard it is to land a job today. I disagreed and told her it’s not hard to find a job as long as you do something to qualify for the job and to give a good impression to whoever is interviewing …

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It Only Takes A Minute

Yesterday afternoon as I got home from mass, I saw my brother, Lloyd, with our friend who were about to leave. I asked him whether they already had lunch, he told me they would eat outside since there is no lunch ready. As I was getting ready to prepare lunch for my youngest brother, Ken, he suddenly …

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I’M HAVING CONSISTENT GREAT WEEKENDS.  Allow me to share.. A month ago, I was in Cagayan De Oro 3 weeks ago, I was in Bulacan 2 weeks ago, in Subic Last week, in Los Banos Next week, Lumban (Laguna) (and this consistency will continue on the following weekends) Travel is my simple joy – travel …

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Lord Jesus Saves︵‿ †

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