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Change The World

Let’s start by first smelling yourself. If there is someone sitting beside you I strongly advise that you smell him/her also. No, I’m serious… I will now make a bold statement. A person’s smell differs at age. If it’s a baby it would probably smell like milk. Smells nice. If it’s a toddler it would …

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Be Filled For Free

I remembered walking on the stretch of Aurora Blvd (in Quezon City, Philippines) one evening. I was tired and hungry that time but I was a little short on budget. I walked pass by this little coffee shop and the smell of its pastries and coffee caught my attention. Hungry and thirsty, I decided to …

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When Sorrow Visits Us

I’M ACTUALLY FEELING SAD RIGHT NOW.. I am the type of person who easily laughs, easily fills with compassion, easily love but I am also the type who easily feel sorrowful. Right now, I’m feeling the later. Allow me to share, I did something I really didn’t know to a very special sister. She texted …

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Femininity 101

I remembered coming across this video where the show’s host tries to challenge girls in a club to do all sorts of things-from kissing to stripping-in front of the camera where thousands of viewers can later watch.  As I watched, I can’t help but feel dismayed. Is this how the girls see themselves? Do they …

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The Liebster Award

I was humbly nominated for Liebster Award by Pages of Grace on Sept 15 but have been very busy that I wasn’t able to respond immediately. Still, I really found this award smart and motivating so I apologize and thank you Pages of Grace for letting me be part of this. This award seems like a way …

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Avoid The World’s Buffet

I hate going to any buffet type restaurant. Not that I hate food, rather, I love food so much that I find my urge to eat a lot hard to control when inside a closed room surrounded by food. Thing is, my mom loves going to these type of restaurants. She insist that buffets are …

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Have Fun Waiting

I used to hate waiting for someone. Not anymore. I now grab that opportunity to either read a book, pray, reflect, or even rest. I actually learned to like waiting even up to hours. What bothers me is the fact that I find it likable to be waiting for someone but find it hard to …

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Prayer Warrior

Last night I was thanked big-time by a friend for being her ‘prayer warrior’ (a prayer warrior is someone who loyally prays for another). She told me how her spiritual growth improved and how she managed to get much closer to God all because I was praying for her. She also told me how happy and touched she was …

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Seeing God Everywhere

IT WAS A VERY TIRING WEEKEND.. My family, together with my friend were on our way home after spending our weekends on a vacation and man, were we all tired! On our way home, my friend pointed a rainbow from the car window. At first I was like ‘OK so there’s a rainbow’  but seeing how sparkly …

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Battling Sin

I am, without a doubt, one of the world’s top authority and expert in failing. Failing my education, my service, and my relationships. But one area in which I fail the most, my convictions. My convictions tells me too strive a life magnifying God’s love and presence but the expert in me kept doing otherwise. …

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Lord Jesus Saves︵‿ †

Magnifying Jesus Christ


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