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unSAMSONly Relationship

I recently watched episode 3 of the series ‘The Bible’ on which the story of Samson was told. We all know Samson, the long-haired Hercules-like guy who fell in love with a woman who caused his downfall. Yes, that guy from the same well-known story Samson and Delilah. I used to find the story unappealing because before, I …

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God’s Greatest Gift

We have what we call 3G or God’s greatest gift in our community. It is our community’s version of life (marriage) partner. Truly, a life partner is the greatest gift God can give us (Proverbs 19:14). I think most people are unaware yet but marriage is actually the highest form of relationship one may have-aside the intimate relationship with God of course. Genesis 2:24 states: …

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God’s Instrument

I just finished cleaning my room (because it already looks like a garbage site, and a child of God shouldn’t rest in a dirty room. I suggest you also clean your room-you’re also a child of God). While cleaning my room, I found a medium-sized blue envelope full of old letters from my family and friends. I felt loved as …

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Lord Jesus Saves︵‿ †

Magnifying Jesus Christ


I really like Ryan Gosling.

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Being Born-again

Smile,Jesus loves you. Salvation is free!!!!!!

Singles For Christ

East B-5B Francisville Chapter. Service. Fellowship. Adventures. Loving God. Living our lives as Singles for Christ.

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Devotions written for men and women by a Proverbs 31 Wanna-be.


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