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Be Awesome!

I remember praying in a crowded church when a rich and successful looking man caught my attention. The church I was in is known because of its Thursday novenas which grant wishes. I don’t really have a say whether it’s over spiritualism or what. Anyway, because of the church’s background, many people do go and …

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Give More-Receive More

There is a stray cat who made our home his home. He would always sneak inside our house whenever he gets a chance. I would always try to get near him and feed him but out of defense, he would always run. I actually want to tame and adopt him as a pet if only …

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Hating Compromise

COMPROMISE… Yesterday I was very tired and restless that I asked God if I can skip my prayer time just for one day. I have a long prayer time consisting of praying for all my friends and family, ACTS(adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, supplication), scripture reading, reflection, rosary, and worship. Thinking of all those things made me …

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Power Of Acknowledging

I heard this story about a pagan and a Christian. One day there was this pagan who was walking holding his idol. As he was walking he met his Christian friend,“Hi, how are you?”asked the pagan which the Christian replied with “I’m doing well, how about you?”. The conversation continued until the pagan noticed the Christian …

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Proclaim His Glory

One of our house helper went back to her hometown in Cebu for a vacation earlier and I had the opportunity to drive her to the airport. On the way we had a great conversation about her family back in Cebu. She told me things her family tells her every time she goes back home-things …

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Warrior Or Worrier?

“If we do things for HIM, these will become the greatest things” – Feliciano T.Mungcal III a.k.a Sonny I remembered the very first talk I gave – it was in a Youth For Christ activity. Before the talk, I was very conscious of myself; how I look, how I sound, etc. I wasn’t confident at all. …

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Three Short Reflections

(I wrote this on June 6, 2010; this article might seem to be out of time when read so please be reminded that this was written years ago) Last week, I was blessed to be discerned as part of YFC (Youth for Christ) Sector East B4’s service team for their discovery camp-an overnight activity full …

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(Spiritually) Wearing The Image of Christ

 I WANT TO LOOK VERY ‘POGI’ (HANDSOME) WITH MY BEST ATTIRE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. I remember one time when I was discerned to lead an event for YFC’s (Youth for Christ) of Metro Manila. This event was called Torch Party – a gathering where teenagers dress for a specific theme and party in a …

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Our Body Armor

I felt the strong and refreshing breeze from my window. That was the first time – and it felt great! Monday; May 9 2011 [around 3:30am] It was so hot that I woke up that midnight. All electrical appliances stopped working because of a blackout. It has been my ritual, by the way, to sleep …

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Lord Jesus Saves︵‿ †

Magnifying Jesus Christ


I really like Ryan Gosling.

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