When Sorrow Visits Us


I am the type of person who easily laughs, easily fills with compassion, easily love but I am also the type who easily feel sorrowful. Right now, I’m feeling the later. Allow me to share, I did something I really didn’t know to a very special sister. She texted me that I made her feel bad and that she might cry because of what I did. Ironically, hours before whatever I did, I just told her I would do my best to always make her happy because I want my brothers and sisters in the ministry to always be happy. Of course I asked for forgiveness but I still feel bad. So bad that sorrow took over me.

I hate sorrow. I hate the fact that people gets sad. I hate it so much that I don’t want anyone to feel sorrow. Much more, I hate being under sorrow myself. I believe no one should be sorrowful because we have an awesome God and that alone is enough to rejoice. I was wrong. I was wrong when I thought no one should be sorrowful. God made me realize that sorrow can actually be a gift. Allow me to introduce you to the two types of sorrow.


Wordly sorrow is the type of sorrow almost everyone in our world experience (thus the name). This is the type of sorrow that makes people feel guilt and more negativity. Worldly sorrow leads to more bitterness and sometimes even pain or death. A good example of a man who felt worldy sorrow is the well-known Judas Iscariot.


Judas is infamously knows as one of the twelve apostles who betrayed Jesus in exchange for a payment of thirty silver coins. After realizing what he had done, Judas felt sorrow beyond measure. His guilt consume him that he became vulnerable to more bitterness and sorrow. In the end, his sorrow lead him to his death. The sorrow was too much for him that he decided to hung himself.


Godly sorrow however is the type of sorrow that focus and leads to God. This type of sorrow reminds people that we are not perfect; and that we need God’s mercy to live peacefully. It inspires people to seek God more. Godly sorrow leads to repentance and more trust to God. Simon Peter is a good example of a man who experienced Godly sorrow.

455px-Pope-peter_pprubens(Saint Peter as Pope by Peter Paul Rubens)

Peter is known for many things-one of the twelve apostles, first Pope of the Catholic Church, etc. He is also known as the man who denied Jesus THREE TIMES. Peter’s denial of Jesus gave him so much guilt that he felt great sorrow. (Imagine denying Jesus three times after promising he would never betray him. Ironic. Hey, this sounds a little familiar!) But this sorrow lead to humility and repentance. He continued to look unto God and asked for God’s mercy. His sorrow lead to trusting God more and allowing himself to be transformed by God. His sorrow allowed Him to serve and be used by God more.

–  –  –  –

Brothers and sisters, two types of sorrows. One leads to more bitterness and pain, another leads to transformation by God. Next time you feel sorrow, don’t curse it! Don’t hide it! And by God’s grace please don’t hate it. I learned it the hard way, now I’m sharing my reflections. From now on, whenever sorrow visits us, let’s welcome it while looking unto God. Let that sorrow lead us to letting God transform and use us more.


I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon


Femininity 101

I remembered coming across this video where the show’s host tries to challenge girls in a club to do all sorts of things-from kissing to stripping-in front of the camera where thousands of viewers can later watch.  As I watched, I can’t help but feel dismayed. Is this how the girls see themselves? Do they even know their true worth? Are they that desperate to seek attention?

images (1)

Sad to say, most woman today are no different. Most woman today dress, think, and act in a way that lowers their true worth. All for the sake of attention. Let me make myself clear here. As a human being, it is our nature to seek attention from others. We need attention. But this is where it becomes hard. Unlike men, women are expected to be passive. While it is natural for men to do all sorts of impressive things to seek attention, woman on the other hand have to seek attention by making themselves look attractive /impressive (physically, mentally, emotionally, but more on physically).  Thing is, looking impressive on this modern time requires wearing ‘those’ kind of clothes, acting in ‘that’ kind of manner, thinking ‘these’ kinds of thoughts – you know what I mean. To be attractive on this modern world, woman should lower their worth. Not true.

Sisters, being attractive doesn’t necessarily mean you have to lower your worth. You lower your worth and you would attract people with low standards of worthiness. You are a princess of God, you are worth so much more and you deserve to attract people who also have high standards of worthiness. I remember last Sunday, our ministry had an event for the brothers called ‘Brothers’ Day Out’. Call time was very early and I personally have a hard time waking early in the morning so good luck for myself. As I try to wake up early that Sunday morning, my cell phone kept on receiving texts. I checked the texts and saw that they were actually from the sisters of our community. They had planned to support us brothers by waking up earlier just so they can wake us and encourage us through texts. I gotta tell you, their efforts did really woke and encouraged me for the whole day. They are awesome. They are attractive and so can be you!

Sisters, you should first start by lifting your worth. Know that you are daughters of a King and thus, you are to be considered as a princess of God. A princess of God first and foremost have a good intimate relationship with her Father the King. Build and nourish that relationship by having a consistent prayer time. You should also strive to pursue purity. Purity in choosing what to wear, how to act, what to think, and how to build relationships (family, friends, and love life). In striving purity, always be reminded of Psalm 51:10

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

Finally, a princess should be loving and supportive. It is you who would encourage men to improve and be better. It is you who would be the source of comfort and healing. It is you who would support us man in handling different tasks from God; to do that, you must learn to follow the path of Christ through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Respect yourselves. Lift your standards of worthiness high and live in it.



I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon

Tonight’s Lesson: Relationship With Your Parents

Very great read about respecting our parents.

Palmetto Hills Youth

I know what I was thinking when I was in High School: “I can’t wait to be out on my own; I can’t wait to get some separation from my parents.”  This is a normal feeling.  We should want to go out on our own and experience life in new circumstances (being poor, unable to cook, and living in a dirty apartment with two or three other friends who also have no idea how to cook or clean).  This is a great time to own the worldview that you were brought up in.  But what makes this time really special is that (for most of us) your relationship with your parents starts to change (Now, if your relationship with your parents is already at the point where you consider them to be “kinda-like” friends and you are still in High School, then good for you). The change is that you…

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Serving People

I just met her. I saw her by the alley besides a convenience store. She was there, sitting alone.

nov_21_2894_alley_woman(Photo from Frank’s Photo Essay)

I was supposed to eat dinner in the convenience store when I suddenly felt the Holy Spirit urging me to do something. This is a common thing for me, it is God’s way of urging me to be like Christ, or to simply find Christ in a situation. Praise God I did what I was urged.

I bought 2 sandwiches in the convenience store and went to the old lady sitting by the alley. I gave her the other sandwich, asked if I can sit beside her, and ate dinner with her. As we were eating I observed she hid the other half of her sandwich. She said that was for the cat, while pointing at the stray cat on the other side of the alley. Turned out, the cat was the only companion she have. The old lady would always share half of the alms she gets to that stray cat. After talking to her more, I found out that she has no more relative (I didn’t ask how that happened) and that she was very depressed until she met the cat on the same alley. She got amused with it and started hanging out on that alley together with the cat.


They say no man is an island. I couldn’t agree more to John Donne. John Donne was an English Poet and a cleric in the church of England. Him being a cleric, I believe when he said his famous line, he was referring to us as a human created by God needing each other to continue living.

Brothers and sisters, God created us not to be alone. He created us with the desire to seek for other’s attention-not so that we can rely but so that we can serve and be served. Service doesn’t necessarily need most of your time. Sometimes, a little smile is enough for a person to feel the heart warming love of God.

This is our mission, let us spread God’s love by serving people. We are created to love. We are created to serve. We are privileged to first be served by Jesus Christ by dying on the cross for us. We are also privileged that like Jesus, we can serve people without us dying on the cross to do so. Finally, we are privileged that we can be joyful and fulfilled as we serve other people. Other people needs us the same way you need other people. Let’s start by being there for others, by serving others.

Let us feel the joy and fulfillment service brings.
Let us be a testimony of God’s love here on Earth.

I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon

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The Two Frogs

two frogs

There were this two frogs playing in a garden. They were having fun as they jumped and jumped until they accidentally fell in a deep well. The other frogs in the garden saw what happened and they went near the mouth of the well to check on the two frogs. They saw the two frogs trying to jump out the well but because the well was deep, they cannot jump over and escape. The frogs by the mouth of the well talked to each other and agreed that the two trapped frogs wont be able to escape anymore. “Give up! You can’t escape this well, it’s too deep!” the frogs shouted.



The two trapped frogs however, continued jumping as they try to escape. The frogs outside continued shouting: “You wont be able to make it, you’re just wasting your time! Give up!”. And so, one of the trapped frog stopped jumping, lay down, and died after a while. The other trapped frog kept jumping as he still tries to escape. “We said give up! You’re wasting your time and efforts, do what your friend did. Just give up and die!” the frogs outside kept shouting. The trapped frog kept jumping until he managed to jump high and escape. The other frogs went beside the escaped frog and said: “We thought you wont make it. We thought you’re gonna remain trapped there. We thought you’re gonna die”.  The escaped frog looked at them and said: “Thank you! Thank you very much! Thank you!”. The other frogs got surprised, “Thank you? Why thank you?” they asked.  The escaped frog then answered: “Pardon? What did you say? Sorry, I have a hearing problem”. The escaped frog was actually a little deaf! And this frog continued saying: “I’m really thankful to you guys. While I was trapped inside the well, I was about to give up but I saw you outside shouting on me. I can’t hear what you were shouting but you persisted in doing so. You were cheering on me! Because of that, I was able to escape”.

Brothers and sisters, there are situations in our life when everyone around us would discourage us – especially in building a relationship with the Lord. During these moment, let’s be deaf. Let’s hold on to the promises of God. Let’s be like the frog who managed to escape.

We will escape our struggles!
We will be successful!
We are cheered! 

Making The Trade


One day there was a boy who has a bag of marbles. This boy was walking happily while carrying his bag of marbles when he suddenly saw a girl who was also happily walking with a bag. Out of curiosity, the boy asked what’s inside the girl’s bag. “This is a bag filled with sweet yummy candies” the girl answered.  The boy, upon hearing, thought the girl’s candies were better than his marbles and so, he proposed a trade. The girl gladly agrees. But as the boy gets out his marbles, he realizes that he can’t bear to part with some of them. Rather, dishonestly, he takes three of his best marbles and hides them in his pocket. The boy and the girl made the trade, and the girl never knows he has cheated on her. But the night while the girl lies fast asleep, the boy has no peace. He’s wide awake, pondering a question that nags at him: “I wonder if she kept her best candy, too?”

Like that little boy, many of us walk through life plagued by the question “Has God given me His best?” But the question that we must answer first is “Am I giving God my best?”

Brothers and sisters, we will never experience God’s best until we give God our all. We can never be at peace until we stop cheating and compromising in areas of our lives where we get tempted.

Let us stop fooling ourselves saying, a little sin wont hurt from time to time.
Let us live with integrity.
Let us live a guilt-free life.

Let us make a good trade.

I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon


The Emotion-Changing Ring


Once there was a king who has a very wise servant. The King was so impressed with the servant that he wanted to test just how smart his servant is. The king summoned his wise servant. “I want you to find me or create an item that will make happy people sad, and sad people happy” the king ordered. “I will be giving you a week to find or create this item I seek” the king added. After hearing this, the servant  became pale. He knew there is no such thing as a magical item that can turn happy people sad, and sad people happy. “If such an item exist then it would be because of magic” the servant thought. And so, he went to a well known magician and asked for an item the king seeks. The magician laughed and answered: “There is no such thing! Magic is only an illusion. I can do all sort of tricks or illusion that may make a person happy but I never heard of an item the can change a person’s emotion”. The servant upon hearing this, left and went home disappointed.

The next day, the servant decided to try his luck with a well known blacksmith. The servant asked the blacksmith if he can forge an item the king seeks. The blacksmith brushed him off saying: “I can make the greatest weapon that can protect or abuse people. I can create things that can change people’s lives but I never will I be able to create something that can change a person’s emotion”.  Again, the servant upon hearing this, left and went home disappointed,

Days passed and the servant kept searching for an item the king seeks. He asked different experts but he never got any information about an item that can make a happy person sad, and a sad person happy. Alas, the deadline the king gave the servant came and the servant was summoned. The servant wasn’t able to find the item the king seeks and thus, very afraid of the punishment. “Have you found the item I seek?” the king asked. Upon asking, the servant realized something and asked the king to give him just a few minutes. The king agreed and gave the servant his request, the servant left and returned with a ring after a short while. “This is the item you seek, my king” the servant proudly said. The king knew that the item he seek can nowhere be found and so he got up and out of intrigue, asked for the ring. As the king examines the ring, he smiled, looked to his wise servant, and answered: “truly, this is a ring that can make a happy person sad, and a sad person happy”.

Wanna know what the king saw in the ring?


The ring has an engrave that says “This too shall pass”. True enough, a happy person who sees that will get sad realizing his happiness will one day pass. A sad person however upon seeing the ring will realize that his sadness will also one day pass, making him happy.

Brothers and sisters, everything in our world is temporary. From material possession to our emotions, even our career is temporary. Nothing is permanent. Nothing other than the love of God. Be affirmed. Be glad. Be fulfilled.

You are loved permanently.
That will never change.

I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon

A Different ‘The Grasshopper And The Ant’


Once upon a time, there was a young grasshopper and a young ant. They are buddies from the same high school. The ant has an active, outgoing personality-always doing all sort of things, living life to the fullest. The grasshopper however was shy and afraid. Once, the ant asked the grasshopper to join him in learning how to dance. “Nah, you know we have no talent with dancing. We’ll just get laughed at.” the grasshopper answered. And so, the ant learned how to dance by himself. True enough, the ant had no talent in dancing and so, he was laughed and mocked by the other insects.

The following year, the ant asked the grasshopper to join him in learning how to play musical instruments. “Nah, you know we have no talent with music. We’ll just get laughed at like what happened to you last year when you tried to learn how to dance.” The grasshopper answered. And so, the ant learned how to play musical instruments by himself. True enough, the ant had no talent in music as well and again, he was laughed and mocked by the other insects.

Years passed, the buddies are now college dudes. This time, the ant asked the grasshopper to join him in learning how to cook. “Cooking are for girls. Haven’t you had enough of being laughed and mocked at?” The grasshopper asked. And so, the ant learned how to cook by himself. The ant was again laughed and mocked by the other insects.

The same pattern between the ant and the grasshopper continued. The grasshopper will keep on telling excuses because he was afraid to try new things or that he might be embarrassed doing things he still don’t know.

The buddies grew up, graduated college, and had the opportunity to get a stable job. Both were successful, or so the grasshopper thought. The ant was always entrusted with bigger tasks. He was very flexible and can do all sort of things. The ant can perform (from dancing, to playing musical instruments, to acting) during events and parties. He was an all out performer. The ant also cooks well that ladies easily gets attracted to him. The ant was impressive! He can do anything-from simple indoor stuffs to extreme outdoor stuffs. He was admired by everyone! And the grasshopper, well he remained a ‘so-so’. Just an ordinary guy who knows ordinary stuffs.
Life is short, decide on something you don’t know yet and start learning that stuff. It doesn’t matter if you get laughed or mocked. That’s part of growth. Stop being afraid of what other people may say.


Brothers and sisters, stop making excuses and start learning!
Grow into a better person everyday.

I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon

The Liebster Award


I was humbly nominated for Liebster Award by Pages of Grace on Sept 15 but have been very busy that I wasn’t able to respond immediately. Still, I really found this award smart and motivating so I apologize and thank you Pages of Grace for letting me be part of this.

This award seems like a way to motivate bloggers to continue writing while introducing them to other bloggers as well. Its fun and for a good cause so I also decided to participate.

These are the rules for the Liebster Award: 

  • Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them.
  • Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.
  • Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

My answers to Pages of Grace‘s questions:

1. Your favorite place – mountainside or seaside?
-Mountainside. I love being surrounded by trees and rocks.

2. What is your favorite song and why?
-I don’t particularly have any favorite song but I guess I’m more into relaxing and soothing songs.

3. What do you think “grace” is?
-Grace is an undeserved gift.

4. What are the five things you are grateful for?
-My family, friends, community, wisdom, and the unending shower of mercy, blessings, abundance and grace.

5. Savory or sweet?

6. Why did you start blogging?
-I started blogging in hopes of extending my reach on proclaiming the wisdom God lent me.

7. What is your favorite quote?
-Believe you can and you’re halfway there, believe God can and the race is won.

8. Who is your childhood hero? Is it still the same now that you’ve grown up?
-I don’t quiet remember who was my childhood hero but today, my heroes are those awesome people I’m serving God with.

9. Where do you get your inspiration to write from?
-From a very inspiring friend. Read our short story here.

10. Who is your favorite writer?
-I love how and what Joshua Harris writes (though he have only published a few books) so I’ll go with him. In my country however, I’d go with Bo Sanchez’s humorous yet inspiring books.

The next thing is to nominate some blogs that I think are fantastic. The criteria is the one which has less than 200 followers. These blogs never fails to inspire me, always a good read. Here are my 10 blogs nominations: 

http://parableofthelostsheep.blogspot.com/ by Kristine Bautista

http://sophyagranada.wordpress.com/ by Sofia Dear

http://pbsministries.wordpress.com/ by Petal Barclay-Smith

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http://dianarasmussen.com/ by Diana Rasmussen

http://andasprinkleoflove.com/ by Rebecca

http://sidewalkmusingsandgeniuses.wordpress.com/ by Rj Agustin


Now for my 10 questions for these friend blogger of mine:

1. When did you realize you’ve been blessed with writing skills?
2. Are you adventurous?
3. Other than writing, what are you passionate about?
4. How long does it usually take for you to finish writing one article?
5. What are activities you love doing?
6. What are activities you would want to try?
7. Who is your favorite writer?
8. Who motivates you to continue writing? (Name 5)
9. What do you do for free time? (Aside writing)
10. What do you usually do for hang-outs?

Again, I’m very grateful for nominating me. I had fun.
Don’t forget to follow these awesome people, I pray you’d be inspired thru their blogs.

Avoid The World’s Buffet

I hate going to any buffet type restaurant. Not that I hate food, rather, I love food so much that I find my urge to eat a lot hard to control when inside a closed room surrounded by food. Thing is, my mom loves going to these type of restaurants. She insist that buffets are much cheaper considering how my brothers (well, me also) eat a lot. And so, every time we have family dates, my urge to eat and the idea to be slim and healthy starts a riot within me. My solution? The most common, natural, and probably oldest solution there is – avoid rooms filled with food. That means to avoid buffets, parties, etc. as much as possible. I repeat, AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

The world today is actually a buffet of sins and we have this urge to indulge in them. We are surrounded by different kind of deceit and temptations pointing to what the world says okay, good, right, fun. We are in a world where pursuing earthly desire is way better than acknowledging heavenly desires. We are in a riot between sin and salvation, and as a mere human being, we are weak by ourselves. We always fall.

But there is actually a way to counter this vicious cycle of repeatedly falling. A way out to this trap we are in. Ask me what?  Avoid. You’ve read that right brothers and sisters. We should avoid temptations. We shouldn’t place ourselves in situations where the enemy have the chance to tempt us. I like how Joshua Harris points out in his book ‘Not Even A Hint‘ that we as human can never win over temptations by our own power. Human today tends to think its okay to be in the ‘unsafe zone’ as long as he can control himself. Wrong! That is just another lie the evil one wants you to think so that at the right moment when you are not fully aware, you’d lose your footing and fall completely to sin.

Brothers and sisters, we as human can never beat temptation. We need the guidance of God to overcome them but do we really need to go that far when we can just avoid the situation in the first place? I’m sure God would also love to see you do that. From now on avoid situations where you can be tempted. If you’re into pornography, avoid places you can be alone with your laptop. If you’re in gossip, avoid judging a person. If you easily lose patience, avoid people who would trigger your anger. If you can’t help but be a glutton, avoid places filled with food.

Brothers and sisters, start being humble and accept the fact that you can never overcome temptation alone.
Start seeing temptation as a big threat.
Learn to avoid them.
Again, avoid, avoid, avoid!


I pray for you all
God bless!

Evan Ray T. Cabigon


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