The Author

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Evan Ray T. Cabigon

Evan is an ordinary person living an ordinary life while serving an extraordinary God. He used to lead a whole sector in the CFC Ministry Youth For Christ until he decided to move on and step up. He is now simply serving Singles For Christ as a brother, a friend, and a prayer warrior for anyone who have prayer requests.

Evan is currently taking engineering in Mapua Institute of Technology (Intramuros, Philippines) while working full time at an engineering firm in Antipolo.  He also give talks, lead worships, or conduct team buildings for different events, and ministries. Evan’s favorite topics to preach are on personal and spiritual growth, purpose, prayer, and service.

Personal Belief

Evan’s life goal is to keep on growing and learning to better serve God and His people. That is also why he tries to be active physically, mentally, and spiritually – by doing all kinds of things, reading books and attending/hearing different speakers or seminars, and consistently attending different teachings/religious assemblies, reading scriptures, praying and having retreats. He believes that God gave people freedom so that they can wholeheartedly pursue nourishment and service.


Evan’s favorite hobby is to ascend mountains. The joy, fulfillment, and motivation he gets when reaching the summit is great. Aside that, he also do wall climbing, rope ascending/rappelling, cooking, reading, and of course preaching.

More Photos Of Evan

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Trivia About Evan

Evan collects different monkey items – from stuffed toys to collectibles. His room is actually filled with monkeys!



  1. Blessings to you on your life journey…

    • Thank you! I also pray for blessings to shower more in your life journey.

  2. I think your love of mountain climbing is a highly prophetic picture if you in the Spirit … Like David! The Song of Songs also comes to mind … Precious swift feet climbing to the High Places in God seeking all that He has for you. Bless you. God is Good!

    • I love David. I find your vision really affirming. Thank you for sharing this. I pray that blessings continue to shower more on your life and that you may bless people more with your gifts. God is good!

  3. Hi there. I have been following your blog and I think it is awesome. So I have nominated your blog for Liebster Award. I think there is no obligation whatsoever to participate in this, but if you want to if you are interested, the details can be found here:
    Hope it is ok. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Wow thank you very much! I promise I would pass this when I get some free time. God bless you.

    • Wow thank you very much! I promise I would pass this when I get some free time. God bless you.

  4. Hi there
    Thank you so much for visiting and liking my post. I really appreciate it 🙂 Many blessings to you.

  5. Evan, I thank God for your witness here on WP. I’ve enjoyed your writing so far. I look forward to hearing Christ’s instruction to me through you.

  6. I pray that all is well with you and your loved ones in the Philippines. Please know I and my ministry are praying for you and everyone in your country during this most trying time.

    • Thank you very much. We are blessed to be doing well here in the Philippines so far. Together let’s pray for the rest of the people. God bless!

  7. Hi Evan. I nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. Not sure if you participate in things like this, but I’m happy to introduce others to your blog. It’ll be featured in my 12/12 post. Cheers!

    • Thank you Michael! I do appreciate that. God bless!

  8. Blog 2013 Award
    I will post for TOMORROW, the awards for Blog of the Year (2013)
    It is in my scheduled posts until 10 AM US-DST

    When the post opens (tomorrow), you’ll find the instructions and all in it.

    ~ Eric

  9. Hello Evan, A Blessed day to you. I have nominated you for the Shauny Award. If you will accept, here is the link for directions. God Bless.

    • Thank you petal! I’m glad to be receiving so much nominations and awards. Please do pray for my schedule that I may have time for me to again join these fun activities. Also to write again of course.

      • Will do Evan. I miss your writing as well. May God’s grace and peace be with you always.

  10. considering dreaming about excellence tonight…

    YAY! I’m giving the excellence awards tomorrow…

    Your blog is on my list of EXCELLENCE blogs and here is an award to demonstrate my sincere gratitude:
    The link is scheduled in my posts at USA Eastern Time NOON – on 1/24/2014 (tomorrow).
    You can copy the badge and have some fun with giving the award to others too!
    ~ Eric

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